CarMetrix is a B2B company, bringing auto dealers a method based in software and training to...


...improve your stores' ability to compete in the face of increasing pressure from large networks

...simplify the task of management and monitoring of store performance

...lift store sales of new and used vehicles trust, goodwill and a reputation for being pleasant to work with, word of mouth and lifelong loyal customers


What to expect from CarMetrix


Increased used car sales velocity to 30 day turn or less, with less than 10 percent of used vehicles in inventory aged over 60 days, and look-to-book over 60%

CarMetrix will transform your customer experience, starting online with a simple, high level of service, similar to an Apple Store or Four Seasons.

Your store teams will see increased and qualified calls from people who are ready to buy a car they have already identified.

CarMetrix will help GMs and their teams make best use of the slots on each lot. Used sales can often be more than 2x new sales.


CarMetrix will provide you a store branded state-of-the-art web presence and Internet marketing campaigns.

CarMetrix training and tools elevate your GM's teams to reach their potential, where each employee is performing and monitored to best-in-class practices.

We train and transform your staff in: Photo, Phone, Showroom, Recon, Retail Plan, Marketing and Advertising, Web presence, Product mix, and Pricing.












About CarMetrix


The CarMetrix Team combines expertise from over thirty years of automotive store experience, a deep multi-year study inside academic and automotive environments with technology and software development expertise.

In testing elements of these methods across more than 1500 stores, CarMetrix has refined a proven hands-on training and technology program which enables store management to lift the performance of each  employee to their highest potential.


CarMetrix provides our own expert auto sales veterans as Store Analyst Managers, who train your staff to best practices across all your stores in a 12 month full time assignment.

CarMetrix performs an analysis of dealers' current business before proposing any business relationship. All dealer information is kept confidential. We invest our time to ensure there is potential for a large upside in store profits.


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